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Links to stuff I think are cool to read or look at

If you have a cool website you want me to link to, let me know, and feel free to link to mine :)

This section is incomplete, I'll keep adding to it

PDFs you can read right now

Get all the pdfs you want : Library Genesis ;

You should read Stone Butch Blues : Stone Butch Blues ;

Cool blogs (friends and strangers)

Poetry website : ;

Friend's blog : ;

Anne Archet is funny : Excel Erotica ;

Friend's blog : ;

Reading recs
(that I can't give you pdfs for)

Ocean Vuong (poet that I really love) : ;

Billy-Ray Belcourt (poet that I also really love) : ;

Fun tools

Super awesome command-line image editing tool : ImageMagick ;

Fun old-school JS effects for your website : ;

Make a badge for your website : badge maker ;

Learn to make websites the fun, old-web way : ;

Tech stuff

Cool project : ;

Art stuff

Databending tutorials : ;

Critical Code Recipes : ;

Cool analog photography collective : ;

Strange stuff ;